Dixon Midland office artwork by Gil Beamsley.

About Us

Dixon Midland Company was named after Dixon, Illinois and Midland, Michigan, the home towns of our two founders, Aaron Mobarak and Paul Furlow. Our name represents our Midwestern roots and our hardworking, straightforward approach to business.


Founded in 1997 by Aaron and Paul, Dixon Midland Company is a private investment firm based in Chicago, Illinois. We have a successful track record investing in and managing growth-oriented, middle market companies. Our success stems from a strategy that is different from most private investment firms. We strive to acquire a small number of businesses so that we can spend more time helping each business grow. Growing a company requires a tremendous amount of work. We spend substantial amounts of time with our companies helping our management teams get that work done.


Dixon Midland is backed by an investor group comprised solely of high net worth individuals, and is not constrained by the requirements of institutional investors. Our investor group enables us to own companies for indefinite periods of time and encourages us to own a limited number of companies to ensure the success of each investment. Additionally, we have the flexibility to tailor transaction structures to meet the unique needs of each individual seller.