Non-Control Equity
We partner with like-minded private investment groups to acquire growth-oriented companies and provide assistance and oversight.
Our Approach
We approach non-control equity investing as true capital partners. We provide private family capital that is patient and flexible, and we support our investments with active board-level assistance and oversight.
  • Private Family Capital

    We raise investment capital only from private families who we've known for years. Our capital is patient and flexible, seeking long-term returns from good businesses.

  • Board-level Assistance

    We play active roles on the management boards of our partner companies, using our private equity experience to help our teams prioritize and complete critical projects.

Current Investments
Investment Criteria
We target a limited number of equity co-investments in growing companies with EBITDA in excess of $5 million. We welcome opportunities to partner with like-minded private investment groups.
Size of Equity Investment
  • Dixon Midland equity check of $5 million to $15 million
Preferred Ownership Structure
  • Dixon Midland ownership percentage of 10% to 49%
  • Other owners represent professional private equity capital
Preferred Company Characteristics
  • EBITDA in excess of $5 million
  • Operating profit margins of 10% or greater
  • Historical annual growth of 10% or greater
  • Fragmented customer base
  • Diversified product offering