Investment Criteria

Dixon Midland is targeting a limited number of platform investments in growing, Midwestern companies with EBITDA in excess of $4 million. We welcome opportunities involving management transitions.

Size of Platform Company

  • Transaction value of $25 to $100 million
  • EBITDA in excess of $4 million

Growth Orientation

  • Companies with significant growth opportunities either through internal revenue growth or through acquisitions


  • Companies with strong existing management teams
  • Also willing to pursue opportunities which involve management transition and/or owner retirement

Preferred Company Characteristics

  • Operating profit margins of 10% or greater
  • Historical annual growth of 10% or greater
  • Fragmented customer base
  • Diversified product offering

Areas of Focus

  • Web-enabled distribution/e-tailers
  • Healthcare services
  • Energy and agricultural services
  • Branded products
  • Business services
  • Specialty insurance


  • Majority control