Dixon Midland Long-Short Equity
We manage a long-short U.S. equity hedge fund that seeks to deliver attractive long-term returns with low correlation to traditional investments.
Our Strategy
Dixon Midland Long-Short Equity is a systematic, long-short U.S. equity strategy. This strategy seeks to profit from long and short exposures to "factors" in U.S. equity markets that have historically provided excess returns. These factors include value, quality, cash flow yield, momentum, and low volatility, among others. Our product seeks to produce long-term absolute returns in any market environment.
Fund Information

Dixon Midland Long-Short Equity Information

Oct 22, 2020

Please contact info@dixonmidland.com to receive additional information concerning the fund.

Third Party Research

A Five-Factor Asset Pricing Model

Jun 13, 2017

Academics Fama and French introduce their famous “five factor model” capturing size, value, profitability, and capital investment patterns in average stock returns.


Deploying Multi-Factor Models in Investment Portfolios

Jun 12, 2017

Investment analytics firm MSCI introduces a framework for how investors might implement multi-factor equity allocations to potentially improve portfolio performance.


Buffett’s Alpha

Jun 11, 2017

Authors Frazzini, Kabiller, and Pedersen dissect Warren Buffett’s investment performance to show that Buffett’s success can be attributed to disciplined equity factor investing.